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Harter Industries Hi-Temp Solar Heat System

Warm Pool  

Enjoy a Warm Pool

Whether you use your pool for recreation, relaxation or for your health a warm pool adds to your comfort. You can now enjoy a heated pool and swim longer by harvesting Nature's bountiful solar energy. An efficient Hi-Temp solar heater warms your pool, adding pleasure for family and friends. It also adds months to your swimming season wherever you live.

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The Fuel is Free

Other heaters saddle you with a monthly gas or electric bill ... the sun's energy is free! Only with a solar heater can you enjoy a comfortable pool seven days a week with complete freedom from fuel costs. As a bonus, you may find that in just two or three years your Hi-Temp solar heater has paid for itself with those fuel savings. Few other products pay for themselves.


Free Fuel


When Space is Limited

Hi-Temp's flexible EPDM rubber solar heat absorbing surface fits spaces where solar panels may not. You can even lay Hi-Temp flat on the ground where it will conform to the terrain. If you have a large commercial pool you can make solar collectors up to 100 feet long.


More Efficient

The Hi-Temp solar absorber uses the proven tube-on- design that absorbs the most solar energy under all-day real world conditions. The spaced tubes present a constant area to the sun's rays as they travel from east to west during the day. In addition, the space between the tubes forms a heat trap. Some of the solar energy falling on the fins re-radiates to the sides of the tubes and creates a high temperature area protected from wind. That extra solar energy sends more heat to your pool.

  Solar Radiation
More Durable

More Durable

Hi-Temp's new exclusive one-piece injection molded header looks better and sets new standards for durability. We make the Hi-Temp solar absorber from a special EPDM rubber compound we developed to give maximum resistance to pool and spa chemicals and the sun's rays.


diagramHow Hi-Temp Works

All you do is set the desired pool temperature on your control panel and Hi-Temp does the rest.
When your electronic controller senses that there is enough sunlight to heat your pool and that your pool is colder than you desire, water is automatically diverted to your solar system.
Your pool pump sends pool water to the solar collectors. As the water flows through the tubes in each collector, the sun's energy heats it. The solar-heated water then flows back to your pool. This simple cycle continues until the pool reaches your desired temperature.
You can also cool your pool during warmer months by simply running your pool pump at night. Your control system will automatically switch to cooling your pool.
Note: In warm climates, with infrequent rain during the Harter Industries Hi-Temp solar Pool Heating Systemsswimming season, your solar system may be controlled with a manual control valve.


Hi-Temp 15-Year manufacturer's warranty expresses our confidence that your Hi-Temp pool heater will provide years of superior, trouble-free performance. (See actual warranty for limitations and details.)

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We recommend a that you make your total solar collector area equal to at least 50 percent of the square feet of pool surface area. If you use more collector area, your pool will be even warmer and you will have a longer swimming season.

You can create a system using Hi-Temp assembled collectors. They are all four feet wide and range in length from 15 to 40 feet, with areas from 60 to 160 square feet. Multiply the surface area of your pool by 0.5 and select Hi-Temp solar collectors that total that amount, or more.

To make up a system you need one collector kit per collector and one system kit per row of collectors.

System Kit $29.00
Collector Kit $19.00

If you need a gap between collectors due to an obstruction such as a chimney or skylight, use the split row kit.

Split Row Kit $49.00

Add a vacuum relief valve and a check valve to roof-mounted systems

Vacuum Relief Valve $29.00
Check Valve 2" $29.95

To hold down your Hi-Temp system on a roof or a rack you can use either adhesive or strap. To hold down a system with adhesive, you will need three cartridges of Solarbond Adhesive per hundred square feet of solar collector area. To determine how many strap kits you will need for your system, add up the lengths of all of the solar collectors in your system and divide by eighty.

Solarbond Adhesive $11.99
Hi-Temp Strap Hold-Down Kit, 80 ft. $49.00
Hi-Temp Strap Hold-Down Kit, 25 ft. $29.00

If you need solar collectors of a special size or solar collectors more than 40 feet long we offer the Hi-Temp Custom Collector System. You buy the Hi-Temp headers and the solar collector surface separately. Then cut the EPDM rubber solar collector surface to the desired length and field-assemble solar collectors by pushing the collector tubes over barbed nipples that are integral with the headers. You can make custom solar collectors up to 100 feet long.

Hi-Temp Solar Collector Mat $499.00

ordering guide
Size Price
2'x15' $159.00
2'x20' $199.00
2'x25' $239.00
2'x30' $259.00
2'x35' $299.00
2'x40' $349.00
4'x15' $289.00
4'x20' $359.00
4'x25' $419.00
4'x30' $499.00
4'x35' $570.00
4'x40' $649.00


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